Foresight 2030: Conversations About The Decade Ahead (Paperback)

Foresight 2030: Conversations About The Decade Ahead By Maury J. Giles (Contribution by), Douglas S. Griffen Cover Image
By Maury J. Giles (Contribution by), Douglas S. Griffen
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Foresight 2030: Conversations About The Decade Ahead looks at the influences that will impact the decade from now through the end of 2029. The author suggests that this may be the most consequential decade of our lives. It's off to a pretty profound start, wouldn't you say? During 2020 and early 2021, a series of online thought leadership sessions were convened with some 121 "Foresighters" that provided thought leadership and insights about subjects that would surely affect the decade ahead-the role of technology, the future of work, how education would change, the direction of news, media and information and even the American Lifestyle and the elusive American Dream. An ambitious project already when launched in January 2020, within the first 90 days everything changed-a global pandemic, an increasingly divided American political scene and a massive economic downturn. It became an unexpected, but ideal. lens from which our participants could consider how the decade ahead might change.

Douglas S. Griffen is the author and facilitator of the online sessions using a technique called the Advanced Strategy Lab that allows participants to provide candid and emotional responses about important topics in an anonymous but simultaneous fashion. The result is a shared conversation that will engage readers about the decade ahead, the new choices they will have, and how the very landscape of America will be different. Griffen provides historical context, personal perspective and a refreshing writing style to convey the conversations of others while his is having a conversation with you. It is meant to engage you about the future. And why not? It's your decade as well

Griffen is the Founder and Director of the Advanced Strategy Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, and splits his time between the desert of Arizona and the mountains of Park City, Utah. An avid skier, mountain biker, hiker and triathlete, he is an optimist by nature, and is convinced that the decade ahead will be his best ever. Maybe.

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