A Tale of Two Stories: Bully-ve in Yourself (Believe in Yourself) (Hardcover)

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Bully-ve In Yourself (Believe in Yourself): In this one-of-a-kind, TWO SIDED children's book, you will flip through one side to hear about Lexi's day at school and then flip the book over to hear about Melissa's day at school: two perspectives of the same story. This book ends with with prompts for discussion and tips and is intended to be read with an adult (teacher, parent, or counselor). This book is a touchstone for teaching the SEL principle: friendships and managing relationships.

Themes include: self-awareness, friendships, managing and maintaining relationships, and perspective.

A Tale of Two Stories: Bully-ve in Yourself (Believe in Yourself) is the debut book of the series, "A Tale of Two Stories." The thing that makes this series unique is that there are quite literally "two sides to the story." When you read the book one way, you will hear the first characters point of view and when you flip the book over and read it the other way you will hear another characters point of view of the same story. This gives our young readers something tangible to aid in their learning of perspective and empathy.

How can this be implemented at home or in the classroom? Each book in the series is intended to be a touchstone for teaching rather than an independent read. After reading each characters side of the story, there will be a page of discussion points and questions for our young readers to engage in. These books are for parents, teachers, and young readers alike. Please join in making A Tale of Two Stories a staple on your bookshelf at home and in the classroom

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ISBN: 9781737086604
ISBN-10: 1737086603
Publisher: Julie Fragnito
Publication Date: July 1st, 2021
Pages: 28
Language: English